25 + Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom into a Home Gym

home bedroom gym

Could a small bedroom really work as a fitness spot?

A space as small as 9′ x 12′ can fit a Peloton Bike or Tread. It’s all about mixing your style with useful items. This turns a simple room into a lively gym. Picture starting each day with easy access to Peloton’s different exercises, like cycling and yoga.

By bringing fitness inside your home, you skip the drive. This brings things closer to you. You might even save on Peloton gear and get credits for Peloton Apparel when telling friends about it!

Getting creative with your gym area turns into a fun project. You can add rattan lights or choose soothing colors to set your gym’s mood. Despite needing some hard work, the final gym space will inspire you every day.

Key Takeaways

  • Turn a 9′ x 12′ bedroom into a working home gym.
  • Check out Peloton’s 60-day free trial for varied workout sessions.
  • Make a personal fitness spot with special decorations.
  • Use smart storage and furniture to use your space well.
  • Bring in light and nice views to improve your gym time.

Express Your Personality


Creating a workout room at home is a fun activity. Fill your gym with elements that express who you are. This way, it will be a place that pushes you forward and feels uniquely yours.

Incorporate Unique Decor

Change your workout space by adding unique decor. Choose items that show what you love. This can include things that bring back happy memories or make you feel good.

Having flowers around is great. They can help you relax and think better. Plus, they boost your mood overall.

Use things from nature, since they can help your mental well-being. Adding certain styles of decor, like boho, can make your gym special. You might like the style by Curated Nest Interiors.

Personalize Your Workout Space


Make your gym suit your needs. This way, it becomes not just a place to exercise but somewhere you enjoy. Even when the workouts are tough.

Show things that you’re proud of in your gym. This can include items that are important to you, like medals or photos. Small decorations, like candles, can also help make the space cozier.

Your gym should show who you are. It should be a place that makes you want to work towards your fitness goals. This way, it feels inspiring and motivating.

Ensure a Good View

It’s key to have a nice view in your home bedroom gym. A view you love makes the space more inviting and keeps you excited to work out.

Utilize Windows for Natural Light


Windows can change how your gym feels to work out in. Adding big windows lets in lots of natural light. This way, your gym feels open and bright, like being outside. Expert Jamie Bush uses sunlight to make gyms feel calm and good for exercise all day long.

Natural light isn’t just pretty; it also makes you feel better. It lifts your mood and keeps your energy up for more workouts. Put your workout gear by the windows, and you’ll enjoy your exercise time more.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Make your gym a place you want to be by adding things that are useful and look nice. Have places to keep things and a spot for drinks. Mirrors make the room look big and let you see if you’re doing your exercises right.

Mirrors can save you money and make your gym look better. Buying online can save you up to $450. It makes the room look bigger and doesn’t cost much. Also, it’s smart to use small shelves instead of one big unit for better space and looks.

Joining fun projects like the New Year, New Room Challenge can give you great ideas. For eight years, homes have had their gyms look better. In 2023, 17 people showed how they made their gyms nicer with mirrors and artwork. These small changes can make a big difference in your gym’s look and feel.

Make It Multifunctional

Adding a gym room at home can really change things up. It’s great for small spaces. When you mix different uses for one room, it makes the most out of your space. And, it keeps your home looking good. We’ll share some cool ways to blend a gym with other home spots.

Combine Guest Room and Gym

Got a small space? Combining a guest room with a gym is a smart idea. Use gym furniture that saves space. This way, you can easily switch from sleeping to working out. A Murphy bed is perfect for this. It folds up, giving you room to exercise.

Furniture that serves more than one purpose, like Resource Furniture’s LGM piece, looks good and helps out. Did you know, the average gym costs $58 a month, yet most members hardly go? Having your own gym means you save money and time. No need to drive to the gym. It’s right in your home.

Utilize Space-Saving Furniture

Choose furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Items like foldable benches and adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex. They’re perfect for a tight space. Don’t forget the mirrors to check your posture. And get soft floor pads or yoga mats for a comfy workout.

You can create a home gym without spending a lot. Look for deals on Craigslist, LetGo, or Facebook Marketplace. A setup can be cheap, under $1,000. Plus, there are plenty of free workouts online. It’s a budget-friendly way to stay healthy.

Here’s a quick comparison of essential gym equipment for a multifunctional setup:

Type of Equipment Recommended Products
Adjustable Dumbbells Bowflex SelectTech 552, NordicTrack Select-a-Weight
Space-Saving Benches REP FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench
Storage Solutions Titan Mass Storage Rack, wall-mounted racks
Flooring Options Yoga mats, interlocking foam pads

Don’t Hold Back on Equipment

Turning an extra bedroom into a home gym can be very rewarding. It’s key to buy top-quality home gym machines and workout equipment. This will make your home gym both effective and inspiring.

Invest in Quality Machines

The Covid pandemic led to more people creating home gyms. This caused a big demand for high-end gym equipment. Brands like Rogue Fitness, known for their reliability, saw a big increase in sales.

Rogue offers items like dependable racks and the popular TRX suspension trainer. Their MIL Spec Echo Bumper Plates are known for their quality. Products from Vulcan Strength and Micro Gainz are also great choices for their durability.

Include Comprehensive Workout Gear

Your home gym should have the right gear for various workouts. Let’s look at some must-have items:

  • Flooring: Horse stall mats from Tractor Supply are a great choice. They are durable and cost less than foam mats.
  • Dumbbells: REP Fitness’ rubber-coated hex dumbbells stand out. They offer great grip and look good, lasting for years.
  • Storage Solutions: PRX Fitness’ medicine ball racks and plate trees help keep things neat and easy to find.
  • Cardio Equipment: A treadmill is a top pick for indoor running, especially when the weather’s bad.

Your gym should have padded plyo boxes for safety and a trap bar for easy deadlifts. Adding a foldable weight rack not only saves space but makes your gym more versatile. Doing this ensures your gym equipment investment is well spent.

Item Supplier Price Range ($)
TRX Suspension Trainer Rogue Fitness 190-250
Rubber-Coated Hex Dumbbells (Full Set) REP Fitness 400-1,000
Medicine Ball Storage Rack PRX Fitness 180-220
Padded Plyo Boxes Titan Fitness 160-300
Plate Tree Various Brands 90-150
Foldable Weight Rack PRx Performance 900-1,500

Keep It Compact

Turning your bedroom into a home gym needs smart choices and the right small equipment. Look for gear that folds up for easy storage. This way, you can work out and still have space for other things.

Choose Foldable Equipment

The MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine is an example. It provides up to 300 lbs of resistance and folds small. It’s lightweight too, so you can move it around easily. The NordicTrack S22i exercise bike is also a top choice. It has a big touch screen and many resistance levels. You can adjust it to fit various workout plans.

Optimize Storage Solutions

Good storage is a must for a simple gym in your bedroom. You can use old and new ways to store your gear. For example:

  • Wall-mounted shelving: Perfect for storing smaller items like resistance bands, yoga mats, and water bottles.
  • Utilizing wall space: Hang dumbbells, kettlebells, and other heavy equipment on hooks or racks to save floor space.
  • Under-bed storage: Baskets, bins, or drawers under your bed can be used to keep extra equipment organized and out of sight.
  • Creative storage solutions: Utilize spaces under TV stands, behind doors, under coffee tables, or next to walls for storing gym equipment.

Try these storage tips to keep your workout area tidy. This makes it easier to fit small gym gear in your room. For more storage options, take a look at what BiGDUG offers for the fitness world.

Paint It a Bold Color

Choosing the right color makes your home gym better. Whether you want high energy or a calm place, bold colors are important. For those wanting to liven up their workout area, warm colors are great. Think of reds, oranges, and yellows. They are perfect for spaces used for running, cycling, and lifting weights.

If you practice yoga or pilates, cool colors work well. Blues, teals, and purples have a calming effect. They make for a peaceful spot. Blue is especially good for yoga and pilates because it helps you relax and focus.

Thinking about paint ideas for home gym? Mixing and matching colors can improve how it looks. For instance, pair reds with greens, or blues with oranges. This smart choice can turn your fitness room decor into a nice and motivating space.

For a space that’s lively yet serene, pick yellow-green tones like Chic Lime. It balances energy and peace. This color welcomes a wide range of exercises.

Benjamin Moore has many great colors. For an area full of energy, consider Dragons Blood. It’s bold and exciting. Harbor Haze, on the other hand, gives a calm feeling, great for places with lots of light. If your gym is also an office, Brushed Aluminum offers a smart, focus-boosting color.

Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow can keep you feeling upbeat. They work well for active workouts. Trying out a color on an accent wall first is a smart step. It lets you see how it affects your motivation before painting the whole space.

For a finely detailed gym, use blue painter’s tape for sharp, clean edges. A well-chosen paint color can turn your gym into a place that’s truly yours. It reflects your spirit and keeps you motivated.

Optimize It for Yoga

A dedicated yoga space at home can be both calming and functional. Making a space that’s inviting and serene takes specific choices in design and decor.

Create a Tranquil Environment

Aim to create a corner for yoga that brings peace and calm. Take inspiration from Leanne Ford’s backyard barn turned yoga studio with its wabi-sabi design. Wabi-sabi focuses on simple, natural, and imperfect features. It’s a style that uses light colors and soft materials to promote peace.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Using natural elements in your gym is key to a tranquil feel. Think about having wooden elements, green plants, and lots of sunlight. These can make your yoga space at home more enriching. Mirrors help by making the space seem bigger, which could make your workout area feel 30% larger.

Feature Benefit
Natural Light & Plants Boosts mood and enhances air quality
Wooden Accents Adds warmth and a touch of nature
Mirrors Increases perception of space by up to 30%
Soft Textures Creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere
Light Colors Promotes calmness and tranquility

Add Whimsy and Fun

Adding fun to your home gym makes working out more enjoyable and motivating. A playful gym design not only looks good but also makes exercise more fun. Here are some tips for a fun gym that will catch everyone’s eye.

Use Playful Wallpaper

Imagine your gym with quirky wallpaper, it’s a whole new world. Plaid wallpaper, as used by Brad Krefman, brings fun and joy. It makes your space more welcoming. Such patterns can boost your mood and keep you energized during workouts.

Incorporate Decorative Elements

Make your gym special with unique decorations. Add colorful artwork, striking lights, and vibrant mats. These simple touches create a fun gym atmosphere. They help keep you positive while working out.

Element Impact Example
Playful Wallpaper Adds whimsy and fun Plaid patterns
Decorative Elements Increases motivation and positivity Vibrant artwork, funky light fixtures

Using these design ideas, you can make your gym uniquely yours. Creating a fun workout space changes how you feel about exercise. It makes it a joyous part of your day.

Brighten It Up

Making your workout room bright can really improve how you feel about working out. By using smart design, even small areas can become big and inviting. This change turns your gym into a light-filled space.

Use Mirrors to Expand Space

Adding mirrors is a great way to make your gym look larger. Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, from Nate Berkus Associates, suggests using tall mirrors. These mirrors bounce light around. They make small spaces feel bigger and airier, which is perfect for basements.

Choose Light and Bright Colors

Pairing mirrors with the right colors can make a big difference in your gym. Paint your floors white and choose dark and bright colors for the walls. A color like Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams, with bright white, looks both classy and lively. Good lighting is key, too. High hats in the ceiling can make the room very energizing for your workouts.

Transform an Extra Bedroom into a Home Gym


Turning an extra bedroom into a home gym can be fun and fulfilling. You need a good plan and smart design to create a space that works well for exercise. Let’s look at the key steps to start this change.

Plan the Layout Strategically

Creating a *home gym layout* is essential for various workouts. First, look at your bedroom’s size and other details. Place cardio machines together to set different areas for exercise.

Using equipment like a power tower can add variety without taking up much space. Make sure to also add a cool-down area, a place for your water, and spots for towels. These add-ons make your gym friendlier and more practical.

Maximize Floor Space for Workouts


Using the floor well is important. Think about your *home gym layout* to fit big items against walls. This makes a big middle area for stretches and exercises. Mats are great for sound and floor protection.

Turning closets into storage keeps things tidy and nearby. Mirrors help by making the room look bigger and letting you see yourself as you exercise.

Light walls and things like posters and photos can keep you motivated. Use the ceiling for inspiration to help you focus.

Item Price (USD)
Weight Rack $116.71
Foam Flooring (3 pieces) $134.97
43″ Toshiba Smart TV $249.99
Cable Concealer $14.40
Black Shelves (each) $6.97
Silver Alarm Clock $7.88
Motivational Posters (set of 6) $16.99
Frames for Motivational Posters $38.00
Yoga Prints (set of 4) $10.25
Frames for Yoga Prints (set of 4) $23.39
Oversized Bean Bag Chair $180.17
Fitness Poster $12.99


Turning a bedroom into a gym is filled with endless choices. You can mix your style with clever space use and top-notch gear. This makes a workout area at home that looks great and meets your exercise demands.

Short, but consistent workouts can be just as good as long ones. This shows home gyms are both flexible and efficient.
Working out around 30 minutes a day, five days a week, is what experts advise. It’s key to good health. You can do different exercises like planks, lunges, and pushups. That way, you work all your muscles but without needing big machines.

Having a gym at home also saves you money. You won’t have to pay for gym membership or spend money on gas to get there. And you won’t have to often replace old gym equipment.

Making your own gym means you can train when you want. You don’t need to worry about bad weather blocking your exercise. It gives you privacy to focus and the chance to try new things without feeling self-conscious.

Whether your space is small or large, there’s a way to make it work. You can choose a simple setup for tight spots. Or a more complex one if you have space, even including a room for guests. This journey mixes common sense with your dreams and aims. So, strategize, customize, and turn your spot into a wellness paradise.



What are some creative ideas for transforming my bedroom into a gym?

You can make your bedroom a fitness haven with creative ideas. Set up a workout corner and decorate it with your style. Include things like cool rattan lights to personalize your gym.

How can I make my home bedroom gym feel like a welcoming workout space?

To make it welcoming, get a good view and plenty of natural light through windows. Decorate the area to suit your taste and fitness needs. Simple touches like houseplants or placing gym gear by a window can help.

Is it possible to have a multifunctional bedroom gym?

Yes, you can have a gym that also serves as a guest room. Use furniture that saves space, like a fold-away bed. Or opt for compact gym gear that’s easy to store.

What equipment should I invest in for my at-home gym bedroom?

Invest in quality machines such as a treadmill or a Peloton Bike. You’ll also want weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats for a full workout setup.

How can I keep my home gym compact and uncluttered?

Opt for foldable equipment and smart storage solutions. Choose items like fold-up treadmills and wall racks. This keeps your gym tidy and leaves space open.

What are some bold color ideas for a home gym?

Try painting your gym with a bold color like Farrow & Ball Hague Blue. This adds a motivational and cozy vibe, perfect for exercising at home.

How can I create a yoga-friendly environment in my home gym?

To make your gym yoga-friendly, add natural elements like plants. Aim for a calm and peaceful setting with wabi-sabi design. This could mean bringing nature in through windows or decor.

How can I add fun elements to my home gym?

Add fun with playful wallpaper and decor. Playful elements can make workout time more fun. This also helps keep you motivated.

How can I brighten up my home gym?

Use mirrors and light, bright colors for an airy feel. Mirrors make the space seem larger. Light colors help make a small or dark room feel open and welcoming.

How should I plan the layout of my extra bedroom home gym?

Strategically plan the layout to make the most of your space. Leave room for various workouts, like cardio and floor exercises. A well-planned layout helps your gym be both practical and effective.

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